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Welcome to the application process. 

Thank you for your interest and inquiry in CannaAngels, LLC. We strive to identify those rising stars within the cannabis industry that we believe, through our rigorous due diligence process, have the greatest potential for sustaining success.

Upon completion of this initial Application Form, along with your submission of additional requested materials, we will review and respond to your submission in our most timely manner.

Please include an Executive Summary, Pitch Deck, one page Fact Sheet, Video if available, and Term Sheets if appropriate. Those can be submitted at the end of this application form.

There is a Founder’s fee of $245 (plus other fees may apply) and upon submittal of the form you will be given the opportunity to pay with a credit card. Your form will be submitted after payment completion.

  • A CannaAngels Founder is an entrepreneur looking for funding, consulting, and potential other services from our network of Advisors and Investing Members.
  • CannaAngels Founders are required to provide all necessary extensive financial data for analysis.
  • One time vetting fee of $245.00* see Addendum for presentation fees.
  • Adjunct mentoring and ancillary service are available from our Advisory Team and network affiliates, when appropriate.
  • Founders will proceed through a screening process and may be selected to present to our Investor Membership. A presentation alone offers no assurance of subsequent financial negotiations or member investment.


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